Scheduling Requests - all requests must be made via email to and will need the following:

Email subject line - Scheduling Request - Team Name - Age Group

Requests have to be submitted no later than 7 days from the start of the tournament to be considered.

We will try our best to accommodate all requests but understand that all requests may not be granted.

2021 Triple Bagger Baseball Tournaments

April 3rd - Easter Bash - CR Metro  AAA/AA 9U-14U

April 10th/11th - Early Bird - West Liberty AA/A 9U-14U

April 10th/11th - Battle on Hwy 20 - AA/A Waterloo 9U-14U

April 17th/18th - Spring Slam - CR Metro - AAA/AA/A ALL AGES

April 17th/18th - Grand Slam - Mount Pleasant - OPEN 9U-13U

April 24th/25th - Swing for the Fence - Independence - AA/A ALL AGES

May 1st/2nd - Old Man River Classic - Muscatine - AA/A ALL AGES

May 15th/16th - Rumble in the Park - CR Metro - AAA/AA/A ALL AGES

May 22nd/23rd - Jr J-Hawk Classic - CR Metro - AA/A ALL AGES

May 29th/30th - Memorial Day Bash - CR Metro - AAA/AA/A ALL AGES

June 5th/6th - Prairie Hawk Classic - CR Metro - ALL CLASSES ALL AGES

June 12th/13th - Battle on the River - Muscatine - AA/A ALL AGES

​June 12th/13th - Battle of the Bats - Independence - AA/A ALL AGES

June 19th/20th - Summer Classic - CR Metro - AAA/AA/A ALL AGES

June 26th/27th - CR Reds NIT - CR Metro - ALL CLASSES ALL AGES

June 26th/27th - Clash of the Titans - Fort Dodge - OPEN 9U-14U

​July 3rd/4th - Firecracker Slugfest - CR Metro AAA/AA/A ALL AGES

July 10th/11th - Pre-State Rumble - CR Metro AA/A 10U-14U

July 17th/18th - I-380 Showdown - CR Metro MAJOR/AAA/A 10U-14U

July 17th/18th - July Jamboree - Macomb, IL 8U-13U

July 24th/25th - Season Finale - CR Metro AAA/AA 9U-14U