2020-21 Triple Threat Basketball COVID GUIDELINES

Player / Coach Safety

All players and coaches will need to check their temperature prior to attending and if your temperature is above 100.3 you should not play.

Teams should spread out as much as possible. Expand the bench when space allows.

Bench will be limited to essential team personnel. There should be a maximum of three coaches on the bench at any one time.

Players and coaches will be required to wear masks while on the bench.  Players entered into the game are not required to wear masks.

Players must bring their own water bottles or coolers and must have their names on it. No team water coolers or other shared items will be allowed.

Any garbage you bring in, please take out with you.

After each game, instead of handshakes, each team shall line up and congratulate the opposing team by waving in order to minimize player contact.  All team meetings after games shall be done off and away from the court.

Award ceremonies will not take place. One coach from the team who wins awards will go to the tournament director and pick up that team’s awards. The coach will oversee handing out the awards as he/she sees best, and team pictures will also be at the discretion of the team.

Facility Safety


Spectators will need to practice social distancing. Spectators should also maintain social distancing of six feet between families and spread out when possible

All spectators, coaches and players are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes for disinfecting hands and other equipment regularly.

All persons in the facilities must adhere to the guidelines from the CDC, state and local authorities regarding travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders.

Any person who is experiencing symptoms of sickness will be prohibited from entering the facilities.

We ask all teams and spectators not to congregate at any times. This includes before and after games inside the facility as well in the parking lots.

Any lines for restrooms, concession stands, or others are also discouraged. If there must be a line, a distance of six feet apart shall be in effect at all times.

Restrooms will be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Be sure to wash hands after using the restrooms.

All event attendees (employees, players, coaches, fans) must comply to the entirety of this health statement before entering TBT Sports event

I have not tested positive for COVID-19, had a fever, cough, difficulty breathing, chills, body ache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, or been around anyone with these symptoms (with the exception of medical personnel and first responders), in the last 14 days. I am not currently under a state, county, city or other stay-at-home order. I understand that it is my responsibility to protect myself from contracting COVID-19 or other infectious diseases while at this event. By entering the event, I am indicating that I, (1) am in good health, (2) am responsible for protecting myself from COVID-19 or other infectious diseases, and (3) accept all responsibility and agree to hold harmless event operator, complex owners and sanctioning bodies from any damages that occur as a result of my attendance at the event.